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Some Other Interests

Ok, this doesn't really fit in otherwise and might be moved to another site at a later date. Ok, this page will mainly be used to tell you all about one of my favourite TV shows and it's spin-off.Yes you guessed it Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel. In the future you may also find fan.fic if I can ever get around to finishing any of the stories I am working on.

Ok, I fibbed a bit.
This page will also cover general Vampire lore.
Many thanks must go to the Grandfather of Vampire Lore, Bram Stoker as well as a more recent devotee Anne Rice. In time i hope to include summaries of their books and stories as well as other from my personal collection.
Vampires have long held an interest to me, not much of the fantastical hasn't. As a child i would be reading about the Bermuda Triangle, hauntings of all sorts, and Vampires.
You will also find links to some Vampire sites that i deem as worthy for inclusion here.
But first please consider visiting your local blood collection agency, Red Cross etc. There is more need for it by these agencies as you will often see our favourite fiction Vampires seeking blood from an "ethical" environment.
I will also ask that you visit a link i will include below.By visiting you can help elevate me in the Undead poll. There's no need to sign your name in blood just a bit of  fun.
But now a rave about my favourite Vampire(s).
Naturally I will begin with my current favourite shows.
BtVS to the shows fans, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
There has to something said for a girl destined to kill the Vampire to fall in love with not one, but two vampires as they have equally returned and in some cases surpassed her feelings.
Yes I'm talking about Spike and Angel.
Angel was her first love and surprised them both with their feelings. It was a love that was doomed by a loophole in a curse that saw his soul returned by gypsies 100 years ago after he fed and killed a favourite girl of their clan. That very loophole that saw the return of Angelus mid season 2 after sharing his love with Buffy, a moment of pure happiness and the world as we know it nearly ended with his plan to suck it all into a hell dimension.
After some time our erstwhile hero realised that the girl he loved was his biggest weakness, too much of a temptation to be around so he left Sunnydale for LA, aptly known as the City of Angels.
Buffy tried to move on and forget with a few "normal" guys, hanging out with the living for a change. But thankfully none lasted.
We were given a taste of the future in the episode "Something Blue", with Buffy and Spike hating the sight of each other one minute and then engaged the next. Got to thank Willow for that one.  Sadly the magic that had caused this flip had serious repercussions and she had to undo the spell.
Fast forward a couple of seasons and we now have Buffy with the leanest, formerly meanest bad-ass Vampire, Spike. This time there is no magic involved other than what they generate between themselves. And that itself is incredible.

You are beconed by a stranger
to follow them down a dark alleyway.

Created by Night-Red

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