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Who Am I?

Aboard the James Craig, me with red bandanna
ready, set, sail
my brother is with me

Good Question, i often ask myself the same thing.

Ok your persistent.
My name is Michelle, i reside in Gosford,NSW, Australia.In this current life i'm an Aries, so look out.

I attended Wyoming Public Primary School, then Valley View Primary School when it opened. Then Lisarow Highschool where i completed my HSC.
Since completing HSC i have done many things, you might say "jill of all trades, mystress of none". I hope my business venture will enable me to gain better control over the whirlwind we call life.
My hobbies include wildlife care, photography, gardening, and study of all things earth wise; crystals, herbs,incense, etc.
My beliefs are certainly earthbound. a little bit wiccan, ok a fair bit, pagan, who knows what else.
My family includes various animals, ferrets, lizards, fish and my mad kitten Freddy.

freddy my kitten with best mate, Tony the ferret

Backpacker taking a drink; Size=180 pixels wide
Climb every mountain,
search under every stone.

Favorite Things

Favourite Movies: Real Genius,Top Gun,                      anything  with Val Kilmer.
Favourite Music: pretty much anything,but faves
                 include Guns'n'Roses, Keith
                 Urban, Lee Kernaghan.I listen
                 to a very wide range.
Favourite Smell: freshly cut grass, lucerne hay
                 salt and vinegar chips,BBQ's
Favourite Food:  umm, well cooked fish and
                 chips,depends on mood 

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