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My Pets

What are pets to each of us, to some they are simply company,a mouth to feed, or best friends.
Each pet i have cared for over my life has meant something different to me, representing changes we go through growing up. My first two lizards, Tilly and Dino helped me through teh turbulent years of being a teenager, i often say on more than one occasion they saved my life.
Since then the reptile family has grown and shrunk, i now only have one bluey, she tries to kill any potential company.
I also keep tropical fish. I have had my siamese fighting fish successfully breed for me, as has my corydoras catfish, and bristlenose catsfish, and who needs to mention
the ultimate beginner fish, guppies?
My ferret Tony is good company but he is getting old now and developing age related health problems, i will miss him terribly when he crosses the rainbow bridge but with a boisterous 10 month old kitten Freddy i won't be allowed to sulk. How many cats do you know who get in the shower or are happy sitting above it watching, or sleeping under the covers?at 5 kg i am only glad he no longer sleeps across my throat, yes i think he will be a big boy.   

Freddy, the krystal_kat

Freddy is the son of a foster kitten i briefly looked after. Fay, his mum, was a jet black oriental, no ideas of his dad. All we can see is that Freddy is a silver tabby, at 10 months of age he is weighing an impressive 5kg.

Freddy is a bit of a mummies boy, gets under the covers for a morning cuddle before its time to get up, watches me in the shower, on the toilet, etc.

He is also unusual in that he loves water, punishing this boy with a water pistol only gets you a wet cat, he won't move; hold him under cold tap he just sits there, you try to clean your teeth he's in the basin.

Not so in love with storms unfortunately, hopefully he will get used to them and share my love for them


Tony, the Wonder Ferret

I have now owned Tony for about 5 years. I bought him and a friend from New South Wales Ferret Welfare. He needed a home after being found in someones home in front of the fire while his friend Cleo had been surrendered. As friendly as Tony was Cleo was complete opposite. Cleo was very dominate and Tony was the only ferret she didn't attack.
With kindness and Tonys' influence she soon came around but was never the cuddler Tony was. Both would lick the water off your feet after a shower but she was never interested in curling up on your lap.
The 2 of them once got out, Cleo had on more than one occasion but thats another story, cleo was around side of house, Tony was at front door waiting to be let back in. He knows what side his bread is buttered on!
Sadly Cleo crossed the rainbow bridge about 18 months ago. I never found out what happened, all i know was i found her dead in her sleeping box late one night, she was around 6 years old which i am told is getting on in ferret years. She had suffered previous health problems and had required surgery 3 times due to a tumour that kept bringing her into season, very dangerous for a ferret and not something you expect when she had been desexed!
Tony i have been warned may be showing early signs of adrenal gland disease in which case his health has to be monitored before it gets too bad where he will need euthanaising as i cannot afford the surgery to try and remove a section of the enlarged gland.
Tony when he was younger would share as much food with me as possible, a favourite was chuppa chups, was a frequent visitor under the sheets for a nap on weekends, or just the mischief of licking toes. They have rough tongues and it tickles so you would wriggle them and then he would think it was a game and you might get a nibble on one.