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Wicca & Me

My journey into wicca began a long time ago really. Since i was young i have grown herbs, learning their uses; been interested in crystals, admittedly without really knowing anything about them.It has only been in last year that the penny began to drop.
Merry Meet and may the Lord and Lady watch over you.

As i learn more about wicca this page will grow with me.
All i can do is direct you at the moment for further reading information is recommend Scott Cunningham which you can purchase from link from this site.
What Element Are You??
I had always thought of myself as being mainly Fire and Earth.
I can nearly become hypnotized staring into the internal workings of a fire.Infact when i have had the opportunity to camp with people and we have the night campfire i often worry about falling into the fire i become so dazed, it's the only way i can imagine falling asleep on my feet.
Earthwise, i love bushwalking. Seeing nature at its finest, unspoilt by mans hand.Everything has its place and knows its place.
I guess i could also include myself as partially Air type, the energy of an approaching storm is phenomenal. Needless to say i sometimes pick up a real lift.
Water was one element i would not have included myself under. Not being a strong swimmer and having a bad experience one day in the surf has left me rather wary. Well, that was until a few weeks ago.
I was lucky to go sailing on a tall ship, the James Craig. I guess sailing combines the power of Air with Water.The wind in the sails is what pulls/pushes her through the water. But whatever it is i am in love with.
I knew right then that this would not be the last time i would sail, and infact i am in the process of becoming a volunteer helping with maintenance and sailing when i can.
For more information on the boat please see
or use the link provided in the photo.
It is a great days sailing!
I will be including photos of my day as i can.

James Craig at Wharf 7 Darling Harbour
James Craig docked

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